Zentangle Art: a method of drawing that is meditational and uses repetitive patterns
SKindonART was started in 2014 by Stef, who discovered her passion for drawing during knee surgery rehabilitation. She was inspired by doodling in university lectures, and that idea that one can create art using meditational/repetitive patterns. As a psychology student, she loved the idea that 2D images can be made to look somewhat 3D with the direction and arrangement of different patterns.

All artworks are drawn with black felt tip pen, and shaded with black pencil, then scanned at high resolution to create prints.

From November 2014-May 2015, Stef was entered in the Yen Magazine Female Art Awards with over 630 competitors, where she achieved 4th in the People's Choice award. The Judges Awards will be revealed later this year. She entered her drawing of a giraffe, which was inspired by the patterns giraffes naturally have on their skin.
"When looking at this piece from far away, it merely seems like shading. However, up close, it is very detailed. I love how much personality you can capture in the eyes and face using only black and white."