The Advocacy, Art, Academic Continuum 

Recent events have spoiled my taste for politics and I have parked Advocacy Update at the back of the freezer for the time being.


Living at beautiful Merimbula I am now half way through a Master of Communication Degree, learning the theory of what I have been practising for over 40 years!!


Between Semesters I return to my paintings which seem to be moving towards more abstraction than my earlier efforts. My musical interests are the same, whilst I am "backward compatible" to the music I have enjoyed over the years, I now seem to be settling into the minimalist category.


And so my transition from Advocate to Artist to Academic proceeds apace. Some might think there are other "a" words which might describe me.


I am updating this website with more focus on the 47 paintings across four Galleries.


Check them out and contact me if your feedback - even orders are welcome!! 



David Kindon